The Buffalo Band is a direct byproduct of Geoff Countryman's diverse experience within the music world, from being the engineer behind grammy nominated records, to being featured in film, television, and on broadway. Collectively the band has worked with artists such as the Wutang Clan, the Gregory Brothers, Teddy Thompson, Jim Keller, and Ronnie Spector among many others. With the Buffalo Band, you'll hear hints of The Beatles and Curtis Mayfield, though Stanley Turrentine and Brian Blade's influences are clear. The music is a melding of both jazz and commercial music with varied focus on melodies and minimalism combined with modern sonic interplay.

The Buffalo Band is:

Geoff Countryman: Saxophones and Mojo
Joe Ancowitz: Trumpet
Tyler McDiarmid: Guitar
Jonathan Anderson: Piano and Keyboards
Chris Bonner: Bass
Spencer Cohen: Drums